Sadhana: The Mandala of Practices

Yesterday, on the evening of the new moon, my husband and I lit a candle, offered incense to our puja, and chanted to Ganesha, the Universal Energy that is everywhere including ourselves, and that supports new beginnings . As the moon from this eve forward grows its light, we placed our hearts' intentions into the sacred space, so they too would radiantly blossom into fullness.

new moon offering

new moon offering

Each new moon and each full moon, we offer flowers, candles, incense, and mantras. It is one of our ways of acknowledging our connection to the moon and the greater cosmos. It reminds us of the ways in which our lives ebb and flow, just as the light of moon waxes and wanes without end.

There are numerous practices we share together and many we do on our own, each listening to our heart and our experience to find ways that steep us in the juiciness of life on a regular, daily basis. Some are more overt practices like the puja offering, and some are mundane yet tender practices like offering blessings for the meal that will nourish our body, mind, and spirit. The collection of one's practices is called sadhana. They connect together via a center pillar of practice, namely to steep in our essential nature, Unconditional Love.

Sadhana can create a magnetic connection between our work in the world and the essence of Source itself. Think about a good yoga class. During and even for a while after the class, we are tangibly aware of our increased consciousness and prana (vitality). And after a bit, that knowing fades a bit. Building in moments of practice throughout our day helps us to dip back into the oceanic quality of our Being-ness regularly.

So far, my blog has been very sporadic and the text quite long. I hope to continue to include more musings like I have written thus far, but my intention, placed into the fertile ground of the new moon ritual, is to offer more about yogic lifestyle practices that may or may not make it into the mandala of your daily practices, but which offer opportunities and glimpses into ways of further connecting us, on a regular basis, to our very Self. Practices like food preparation, self-care practices, meditation, chanting, journaling, studying yogic texts, and more will be included. I look forward to sharing these with you and hearing from you about what excites you about these practices and what you want to know more about.

Blessing in this new moon time!