The Koshas: The many layers of who we are

What does it mean to be fully radiant? How do we come back to sensing and feeling joy, ease, and lightness of the heart? What is happening in our practice that is helping us feel more whole and connected? 

The teachings of the koshas address these questions and others that pull at us. The Koshas describe 5 aspects or layers of our being, from the very tangible physical body to the more ethereal psychic and intuitive aspects of ourselves. Yoga practices, of which there are many, refine and support the optimal functioning and well-being of these layers. 

The last few weeks, I've been revisiting these teachings as I contemplate the various ways we can embody and integrate the yoga teachings. There are practices to really nourish the physicality, while others deeply invigorate the energy within the body. Other practices calm and soothe the mind. How do we as practitioners more clearly identify the aspects of ourselves that we've overlooked, and shine and nourish those layers to embody ourselves in all our aspects more fully? 

In the following video, I give an overview of the koshas, as well as identifying the various techniques to nourish, heal, refine, and lapidate these different sheaths of our being. In the video, I display the spelling of each kosha, but the program has flipped the words. So, here are the proper spellings of the 5 sheaths: annamayakosha, pranamayakosha, manomayakosha, vijnanamayakosha, and anandamayakosha. Enjoy!