Meditation: Solace for the soul

I recently returned from a meditation retreat, where I immersed myself in the Vibrating Silence of the inner depths of the heart. At the same time, the country was whirling with the intensity of the political upheavals. As many took to the streets, took to the phones, took themselves to rallies, I was sitting quietly. And although I knew that I too would take action, the question rose up: why meditate? How indeed is this helping the world?

It has been said and shared by wise people: “If you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention.” We are in a time in US history where civil liberties, environmental protection, even clean water and air are threatened and are being actively dismantled. To not rise up and take a stand is to be complicit, or at least seemingly complacent. As the Bhagavad Gita states, “to not act is also an act.” As our civic duty, as our way of serving and protecting our fellow brothers and sisters, we must rise and stand up for those whose voices are not being honored and heard.

And yet, if we act in anger, consumed with rage, overwhelmed with disgust, it is not those who our ire is directed at who suffer—it is our own selves. We know that living in toxic emotional states degrades our wellbeing, our health, our radiance, and our vision. The kindness and inner peace that gives our children and loved ones such solace becomes thin, porous, and unavailable.

Meditation is a practice that releases tension and stress from our weary mind. Yet this life-enhancing benefit only scratches the surface of its essential gifts. It also helps nourish and fortify our whole being. It is a process of moving our awareness back into the oceanic vast compassion, wisdom, fullness, and love that abides in the very matrix structure of our existence. There is a deep healing as the soul recognizes its Wholeness and intimately experiences the depth of the Heart. When we meditate, we melt into this Cosmic Consciousness and attune ourselves effortlessly to the peace and luminosity that is at the heart of who we are. While anger may be the right agent to fuel us into action, consumed by it, we suffer and fall into a state of mind that threatens to shake our hope, our energy, our capacity to reside in Love. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”

Meditation is a great doorway to Love, to Peace, to Light, to Infinite energetic support. This is just the beginning of this resistance. Don’t burn out quickly—your light is needed. Replenish your fuel and your luminosity. It is the Love of our Earth, our children, our sisters and brothers, our devotion to the MahaShakti, the Great Life-Force, that supports effective change. Sit and breathe in that Source place of Being. Bathe in that support.

Meditate and take Solace. Meditate and Nourish. Meditate and be held in Love.