My sankalpa, or heart's intention, for 2017

At the turn of the year, I articulated to myself and others my personal intention for the year. This intention, or sankalpa, is an stated imprint, a seal, or mudra, into my consciousness, of my heart's desire: to Choose Love. I find myself slipping into reactivity, smallness, sharpness, when feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the world around me. And yet, I know my truth is not simply to be a victim of circumstance and simply reflect the stormy seas of the world, but to find refuge and act from the deep oceanic support of the Universal, of the Supreme Consciousness, of Great Love. I haven't really succeeded all the times I've wanted to But my intention is to Choose Love when fear or anger invite separation, meanness, unkind words and actions. I invite you to contemplate this in your own life. Is our Love strong enough to withstand the ferocity of what we see and experience in our life? Is our Love strong enough to speak our truth, act for the well-being of all, envision solutions and pathways to empathy and upliftment? May we not be made small by the smallness of those who forget their connection to true power- the heart.