My latest obsession: H2O At Home

I have been teaching yoga 20 years now. And for many years, I've been teaching about aspects of living our yoga off the mat. As yoga practices increase awareness of our interconnectedness to each other and to our planet, we are drawn to wanting to live cleanly, consciously, simply. As the dawning of our consciousness strengthens and grows, we are compelled to align our actions with our values and refined understandings or else we run the risk of feeling out of integrity.

In many courses, I've shared ways of eating that honors farmers, our health, and the earth. And I have shared ways to live in harmony with the rhythms of the earth, sun, and moon. We've explored together how to reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our home and in our body products as well.

This summer, I was introduced to a product line called H2O At Home. It's a company from France that is dedicated to organic, healthy, responsible products for our home and our bodies. And I love the products and the company's approach so much that I started to be an Independent Advisor for them and I now sell their products.

While I still advocate making your own products when you have the time, often that's not so easy. I have also found that not all my DIY products work as well as I'd like and some products I get at healthier stores have big price tags. So, this stuff is different. Most of the line is fabric technology geared so that you don't have to use any products or very little. So, that's the full disclosure before I share a video. I was a bit reticent to share about this company here in this blog, because I don't really want the blog to be a sales pitch. That said,  not all of this blog will be about this company. And I believe this information relates very powerfully to the mission of this blog which is, among other things, to educate about various ways to bring even more consciousness to our health choices, our consumer choices, and our life practices. 

My colleague, Sohini, has a weekly TV show on the educational channel in Massachusetts. And she invited me on to share about how these products can drastically reduce our chemical exposure, clean beautifully, save us money, nourish our health, and respect the earth. Here's the video!: