What is the Radiant Living Blog?

I've been writing posts for this new blog in my head for months now. So, finally, I'm getting it out in print! Radiant Living is something I think we all aspire to and yoga is fundamental to this aim. In the yoga blog on my website, I've been enjoying writing about how the rich teachings and philosophy of yoga serve to make sense of our inner world and our relationship to the outer world. I've been exploring how movement, through asana and life, can provide insight and relevancy into the deep, evocative teachings of Consciousness and Being. And now I'm realizing I want a separate outlet to talk about how we can increase the prana, the vitality, in our lives off the mat in our daily actions and choices, in real and practical ways.

In addition to our dedicated yoga asana practice and our commitment to regular meditation and study, healthy, radiant living is also supported by the quality of the food we buy, the care and consciousness of our cooking, and awareness of what kinds of products we use to clean our home and our body. It has to do with the rhythms of our day, the lunar month, the seasons and how we adjust our lives to attune to their subtle attributes and characteristics. Radiant living is about finding ways to nourish our prakriti, our body and mind and emotions, through self-care practices that fill up our inner well, so we have an abundance of energy to give to our family and our community.

My intention for this blog is to share healthy recipes, inspire you with pictures of vibrant produce at the farmer's market, offer healthy, eco-friendly alternatives to cleaning and beauty products that are too often filled with chemicals and preservatives, and share practices that nurture your skin, your energy, your spirit.   

Yoga is often understood as a practice of moving, strengthening, opening, and balancing the musculoskeletal structures of the body. It is also an ancient wisdom that teaches us about the relationship between our individual awareness and Absolute Consciousness, through practices like meditation, chanting, and pranayama. Yoga also is a practice of attuning with Nature and Earth Rhythms and recognizing that we are interconnected with the earth, to the sky, to the water, fire, and air. We are interconnected with beings the world over. What we do in our home affects our watershed, our immune system, our community. My intention is to inspire us to make enlightened choices that serve to uplift our lives and help us live radiantly.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.