deep meditation

Neelakantha Meditation is the beautiful and potent practice of diving deep into the vast consciousness that lies within us. It is a profoundly efficacious practice of attuning our individual vibration to the cosmic vibratory pulsation, the Great Heart. This attuning reveals the exquisite nature of consciousness itself, reveals the fullness of life, full of meaning and fulfillment. Steeping in this pulsing stillness in meditation, its essence, its perfume flows through our ordinary waking state, bringing more of its qualities into our life: more love, more energy, more patience, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, radiance. Our opportunities seem boundless, life’s gifts reveal ever more sweetness. To learn more about this practice, please check out Blue Throat Yoga.


what is the practice?

A deep and profound practice, Neelakantha Meditation is also easy to learn and do. It doesn’t take any particular skill or talent. It doesn’t require any particular belief. It is a practice of meditation that brings us into a deeply quiet, potent, and healing place within. With regular and consistent practice, the benefits of daily steeping in this inner place of wholeness, wisdom, and compassion begin to benefit our life in the world.


How do I learn the practice?

The practice is learned in two different sessions, 1-3 days apart from each other. The first day is comprised of introductory and foundational material and you will receive your personalized meditation instruction. Please allow 2-3 hours for this. The second day is a thorough explanation of the theory of the practice, how the meditation works, what is happening during meditation, and guidelines on how to successfully establish a regular and supportive meditation practice. Please allow 3-4 hours for this session.


Is there any support for the practice?

Once you have learned the practice, you have access to a full online library of such resources as recorded teleseminars, support calls, FAQs, and previously unpublished translations and commentaries of the foundational texts of this ancient yoga tradition. In addition, there are live support calls, email support for your questions, and access to meditation retreats. For those who live in the Rhode Island area, there is a local meditation group that meets monthly. I will also be available to support you in your practice as questions arise.