One-on-One Mentoring for Teachers

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One-on-One Mentoring for Teachers

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Open to all teachers who are looking for mentoring in their teaching. As we know, taking a teacher training is just the beginning of the learning process we undertake as teachers. As you emerge from your training and start to teach, often many questions arise when your technique meets the reality of the classroom. For seasoned teachers, mentoring is an opportunity to open up your teaching to different skill sets that may not be your strongest assets yet or to open your teaching to further support your creativity and knowledge.

These sessions are to serve you in refining your craft as a teacher of yoga. Some of the topics to explore and skills to refine are:

  • sequencing and building safe, educational, and inspiring flows
  • the art of bringing heart themes into your classroom
  • finding your authentic voice and bringing it forward
  • life practicalities like how to find time for your own practice
  • teacher-student dynamics
  • skillfully working with mixed-level drop-in classes
  • Incorporating anatomical and alignment cues into your flow
  • and whatever your personal needs and curiosities are!

Each package -- either the 3 session package for $180 or 5 session package for $275, can include observation of 1 class, either in person or via video. These mentoring sessions can be in person or via FaceTime or Skype. Each package must be completed within six months of purchase.

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